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Body/Face Painting

Face Painting or Full Body Painting for events of all varieties. 

For availability and pricing please click the contact button below.


From murals on shipping containers, brick walls, or right in your bedroom. I love to paint on anything, anywhere!

For more information please click the contact button below, and let's talk concept. 

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As small or large as you'd like, tell me what you want to see, and let's bring it to life. Perfect as wall art, a gift, memorabilia, or a live accompaniment at any event. 

To discuss concept and canvas details, please click the inquiry button below.

Paint with Natalia

Lets paint together! Painting classes are a wonderful way to connect and let your creativity breathe. Classes can be held nearly anywhere with enough notice and preparation. 

Lets connect and talk about scheduling a paint class for your next event, click the inquiry button below for more info.

ALSO, feel free to drop in to our "Social Paint Party and Music", class any Wednesday, hosted at Social Beer Garden HTX 7-11. RSVP below. 

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Live Entertainment

A 50's Hop Girl, A Roller Disco Diva, A Mermaid, A Grinch to steal Christmas...

Who's the perfect character for your party or Corporate Event? Click the inquiry button below for more information on concept, booking, and availability.

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